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We offer the widest possible selection of DLP projectors on rent from many projector manufacturers available in market. with HDMI support.

Projector and screen rental In Bangalore

Need projector for a temporary basis for the meeting or family movie time? Rent LCD projector of top brands now. With HDMI support.

Projector for rent near me In Bangalore

We provide projector screens on rent of different brands and of all sizes depending on your requirements. Our portable tripod screens will be ideal for your Indoor, outdoor or even large space events.

rent projector In Bangalore

According to your need you can choose from variety chord less, collar mic’s and speakers on rent/hire.

The required batteries or power will be provided from the mixing console to operate.

Need Laptop for a temporary basis for the meeting. rent Laptop of top brands now.

Projector on rent near me

Need High Quality sound system for a temporary basis for party, Seminer. Hire top brands High Quality sound system now. We rent speakers with the combination of mic, amplifer and a mixing console the makes the sound louder and distribute to a larger and to distant audience

LCD projector for rent In Bangalore

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We, Jataayu Rentals, situated at RT Nagar, Bangalore offer the widest possible selection of projectors, screens on hire, PA systems, laptops ranging from entry level to meeting room/classroom to conference/auditorium use. We are the perfect solution for all your projector needs, so be it like you are arranging a get together at your place or meeting with your clients. We also offer you a commendable range of projector screens & blue ray players on hire that would help in fulfilling your requirement.

LCD projector for rent In Bangalore


''Certainly five stars, Thanks for the quick service and good quality PA system & laptop provided for birthday party''

-Manish Malhotra

"They gave a wide range of projectors and tripod screens on hire for my office conference"

-Vikram Singh

''Very prompt and efficient service, provided projector & tripod screen for my office meeting''

-Vijay Kumar

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Why should rent ?

Not only to avoid maintence worries it is also a major timesaver. The number one benefit of renting aspect is basically cheaper than buying.The facing of burdens and responsibilies will be reduced ,ownership comes with a lot of worries decision of renting will free you from headaches. Of course it’s important to take care of your space and belongings. But no need to worry about space maintenance can be a major stress reliever.